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Along the Arno in one of the most beautiful corners in the city of Florence lies the Lungarno Fitness Studio- an exclusive gym designed to meet the specific fitness needs of any client. Anyone who has chosen to live, work or visit Florence has already made a unique choice. The OM Studio Original Movement allows for the possibility to explore a new philosophy of life that is becoming more necessary in the contemporary practices of fitness and wellness. From relieving daily stress and overcoming laziness to enhancing athletic performance, Lungarno Fitness Studio has a custom fitness and wellness plan to satisfy every client. Each workout, whether it be individual or in a small group, includes a professional personal trainer to guide you through a complete path of well- being though holistic discipline, performance and everything in between. Lungarno Fitness Studio offers a variety of activities including: custom workouts, pilates matwork, individual pilates sessions, corrective excersizes, slimming gymnastics, gymnastics prepugilistica, hatha yoga, and Pancafit. Our studio is equipped with modern fitness equipment; from treadmills and kettleballs to the newly introduced gravity system workout. Enjoy an oasis of comfort and relaxation with amenities such as relaxing massages, aromatherapy customized for your individual needs or wellness programs to awaken your body and soul with turkish bath, sauna, emotional shower and relaxation area.
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    • Lungarno Guicciardini 31/R Firenze FI
    • +39 055 2381912
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