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Since we love our city so much and strongly believe in hospitality we decided to open up JT Caffe to greet all of you . We chose the bar's new meeting place in Piazza Pitti (for Jennifer the most beautiful…) with sunlight from dusk to dawn where both Florentines and visitors from all over Italy and the world could stop in and have a meal , or a coffee and relax…. With all this in mind we have been working non stop, serving daily, organizing and training the staff, selecting the menus, completing the structure and the finishing touches…getting ready for our Official Opening in September 2104. The atmosphere plus the diversity of carefully chosen products makes JT Caffe a special place. Do you want a coffee? There is the bar with tasty pastries ,come for breakfast, stand up or sit , read a newspaper , sip freshly squeezed fruit or veggie juices, or treat yourself to an amazing ice cream, come back for lunch and later for a snack and a glass of wine! Inside you'll find a 1000sqf sala with sofas and low tables as well as tables for those who want a meal or simply a drink while they roam on the internet. We offer a menu of freshly prepared lunches including always "daily special" made with only the finest quality ingredients and of course there is always our coffee ! Our motto is "la vita inizia dopo un caffè…LIFE BEGINS AFTER COFFEE” ...then continues with many temptations from our traditional cuisine and, why not, with some international delicacies for the one that like them all. So…see you very soon… JT Caffe
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    • Piazza Pitti 32-33/R Firenze FI
    • 055 281143
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