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Touch vuole offrire un’esperienza culinaria in cui i piatti della tradizione toscana, pur mantenendo saldamente le proprie radici mediterranee, vengono rinnovati attraverso rivisitazioni creative. Variazioni sul tema, sempre in fermento, che portano una ventata di freschezza nel panorama della ristorazione fiorentina. Touch Florence restaurant would like to offer a dining experience where traditional Tuscan dishes, while keeping their firm Mediterranean roots, are renewed through creative reinterpretations. Variations on the theme, always in turmoil, which bring a breath of fresh air to the Florentine dining scene. A setting inspired by the criteria of modernity and elegance, with a décor that allows you to breathe the project's international inspiration, but that maintains, within its spaces and subdued lights, the warmth and familiarity of our traditions. To offer an involving and innovative experience thanks to the iPad Menu and the opportunity to share with guests the latest web news. A way to socialise, have fun and transform lunch or dinner at the restaurant into a truly unique experience.
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    • Via Fiesolana 18r Firenze FI
    • +39 055 24 66 1
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