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La Ginestra was founded in 1978 by a group of enthusiastic young men and women who formed a Cooperative, with the goal of preserving and renewing the traditions of the Tuscan countryside. Established on a farm that had been abandoned for decades, it took its name from the beautiful yellow bushes of wild broom that at the time filled even the uncultivated fields. Many years of hard work went into recuperating the land and restoring the houses: today the farm stretches across 100 hectares and divide his activities in grapes fields, pastures, olive groves and beekeeping. The choice of organic farming was a natural one: since 1989 we’ve been using eco-compatible methods of production, without any synthetic chemical substances, in accordance with EC regulations and the certification standards of authorized agencies. From the 2011 we have introduced biodynamic methods to take even more care of our land. This allows us to obtain safe, genuine products and protect the environment from pollution. What means cooperative for as? For us cooperative it is not to work in different farm and sell all together as one. All of us we are owner and worker of the same fortune. Our land, our plants, our animals and our passion. Each of as help the other when there is a need. The beekeeper help in the vigna and the breeder helps the beekeeper.
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    • Via Malafrasca, 216 San Casciano In Val Di Pesa FI
    • Agriturism: 055
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